Who We Are

Limes Nest is a professional accounting services company based out of Lexington, Kentucky. “Limes Nest” may seem an unusual name for a company, but it refers to our Kentucky home and the limestone in the ground underneath it. Partnering with us will not only help build a firm foundation for your finances, it will also help grow and protect your “nest egg” for years to come.

Why Should You Partner With Us?

Have you ever filed your tax returns and wondered whether you might have missed out on some of the credits and deductions for which you were eligible? Limes Nest will review your prior years’ tax returns and help you amend them (if mistakes are found) to increase your refund or decrease your liability.

Limes Nest can also serve as a part-time CFO for small businesses looking for guidance from a seasoned financial professional but not looking to hire someone for this role full-time. In addition, Limes Nest offers basic accounting services, such as bank reconciliation, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, and bookkeeping.

Partnering with an accounting professional frees you from the grind of records and regulations to allow you to focus on the part of your business that really matters to you. You can be confident that Limes Nest is helping you conduct your business better.